🖼🌃Change Desktop & Sleeping Mode_Sanit

by Sanit Lin

Version 3 (July 26, 2018)

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6 functions in 27 blocks


< change desktop at 24:00 (block#16) >

< change desktop when screen on >

< click desktop clock then wave above light sensor to change desktop (in 3 seconds between click to first wave and between each wave) >

< no disturb at 24:00 (block#45) >

< allow disturb when ur wakeup alarm is triggered >

< during no disturb mode, if people u allow to wake u up in late night try to reach u, no disturb mode auto ended.
phone call is more reliable, pm might not work when advertisements msg get u first (block#50) >

# if it change more than 1 desktop in one single wave, pls wave faster.

# click desktop clock once then keep waving to find wallpapers u r sayiafied.

# put contacts names in block#50 keys, phone contacts and pm app contacts. we only need spesific keys, u can leave values blanked.

# u can change wallpaper folder in block#37

if u biv someone post simialar idea before, pls show me the link.

i'll delete this flow after i confirm.