☀️Weather Forecast☀️

by Jorge Wetter

Version 8 (September 24, 2019)

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v5: Fixed temperature having a billion decimals, changed icon
v7: Fixed crashing when no internet is available, will now refresh once you are connected
v8: Added felt temperature using a complex mathematic formula (not correct for °F, would blast the non-premium line)
✔ Non Premium
✔ Hourly refresh
✔ Degree °F and °C
✔ Humidity
✔ Wind Speed
▶️You need to have GPS on (it won't cost you any battery, it will only be actually turned on if its actively used)
▶️ Open notifications and pull down the weather notification to see the full forecast.
❌Known Bugs:
- Emojis don't fit Fahrenheit temperatures yet
- Felt temperature doesn't fit Fahrenheit temperatures (would make it premium-only)

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