"'\'^_^'/"' ZOMBIE 6.0

by Solomon M

Version 1 (August 1, 2018)

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Swipe fingerprint to the left, to command your phone by voice.

Bypass Android lock-with motion detector (disabled by default)

_____________Command list: _____________

What can you do [returns command list]

Battery "battery is * %"

Connect [Duo video calls best friend]

Mom [Duo video calls mother]

Date [speaks aloud the date]

Temperature [gets the latitude and longitude from within 15 min at high accuracy, pulls the weather temperature °F from an online Source then speaks it aloud]

Scan [enables Bluetooth, delay .04, Bluetooth scan then speaks aloud the found devices] then speaks wifi

USB (enables USB Mass Storage )

Flashlight (turns on the flashlight for 25 sec)

Clip (runs a background thread to vocalize the
clipboard once you copy something new)

Clips (speaks allowed the clipboard contents)

Screen (takes a screenshot)

Dinosaur (opens the default Chrome offline web page-- dino game) thx Finch Nelson

Speed [ping, returns score]

Ip (returns IP address verbally)

Contacts (add the number manually, text mesh via voice)

Very Incomplete...


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