Geo-locator -- Geolocation finder

by J S

Version 5 (August 10, 2018)

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🆓Non-Premium - 13 Blocks.

Get your current geolocation. Also, this is my first flow and it took me a long time to make trying to figure stuff out, so if I copied anyone I'm sorry, this is my first flow.

When notification for Longitude and Latitude coordinates shows up, press on it to continue with the flow. Contact me on Google+ for Q&A, etc.

----------------- Official - V1 - Changelog ------------------

•First GPS Connection Block is now connected (Minor Fix)

•Saying no to the "Do you want to continue?" question doesn't bring up the Geo-locator notification.

•A toast now appears for ~10.0 sec when your GPS coordinates arive in a notification letting you know what to do if you want to continue.

•That's it for now (I think so)...

Contact me on Google+ by Following me @ Jakub Switka and then post a post in Google+ with me tagged in it.

If you want an Flow, just contact me on Google+, I'm open for suggestions, and comment any suggestions for this flow and any fixes you think need attention.

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