Battery Monitor V1.0

by Jacques van Tonder (Stagger)

Version 3 (August 10, 2018)

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Monitors your batterly level then speaks a specified message at specified battery levels. Also speaks a specified message when charger is connected or disconnected.

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-I have realized that this flow is ineffecient as it runs almost continuously to check battery level... For now i would not reccomend anyone to use this flow as it causes much faster battery depletion.

-I am working on improving the battery consumption and have a lot of new handy features in store for future updates.

-If anyone can help me optimize the battery usage I would really appreciate it and i will mention your help when I update my changelog. If you can help send me an email to

-Disable logging for this flow as it runs continuously to check battery level and therefore will cause a very large log file over time.

-Change settings according to preference and change the delay according to how fast your battery charges or depletes.


*Fixed bug where unplugging charger caused the running flow count to increase by 1 each time charger is unplugged.