Check Busy against keywords

by Tim Harrison

Version 2 (August 29, 2018)

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Checks keywords to decide whether to switch to "Silent" or "Vibrate" when the selected calendar has a "busy" event.

When "busy", switches Wi-Fi, mobile data and Bluetooth off and restores them to their original state when calendar shows "available". If calendar entry includes keyword (default: "silent", "interview", or "meeting") also switches off vibrate function.

I use this in conjunction with my "Periodic Data Check" flow which checks to see if data is enabled. If not, it switches data on for 60s to allow connections (e.g.for WhatsApp etc) then switches off again.

Leaving both flows on permanently considerably prolongs battery life: for me ~1% battery drop per hour, but your mileage may vary!

Please note:

Needs Premium so do the devs a favour and pay the small price... It's well worth it! Also needs ROOT and busybox to set SELinux to "permissive" as newer Android otherwise balks while turning mobile data on or off.

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