📱 Androidlost (FREE) ⛔

by Thần Tử

Version 1 (August 25, 2018)

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🆓 Yay! This flow is free! (29 blocks, phew!)

✔️ This flow is the best software of protection ever! You can send messages to the phone if is lost and use it in remote! You need to modify the flow to use it!!!

⚙️ Modify block 40 with your mail and block 16 to 19 with your GD account!!!


getloc = Send location and battery

cam = Record a little video and send it to the mail

backup = Do a backup of important files on your GD account

volume = Set the volume to 100

cme = Let your phone call you!!!

💌 You have recountred any bug? You have any tip? Tell me in the comments or on Telegram @Alexmine31!


V1 = Flow published
V2 = Finished Translating!

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