🔪 (50)Sword arena! (Version 9) 🏢

by Newb Games

Version 10 (September 12, 2018)

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Before you play...
-This game isn't the classic attack or block, you do those in locations.
-Enemy's choices are not strategic.

Classic guessing game. Block an area and attack an area. If you block the enemy's attacked area no damage will be dealt.
Your health : 100
Enemy health : 90
Attacks : Head, Torso, Leg

Non premium!
Premium required? Stop other flows!

Updating soon! gmail me emailman109@gmail.com for suggestions and updates!

Blocks = 30
Variables = 6
No permissions required

Update 1
A message will show if you attack or get attacked.

Update 2
More detail and 3 difficulties. Found a way to prevent cheating.

Update 3
Added final actions in Game over or Win

Update 4
Added TTS naming

Update 5
Damage rate is more balanced

Update 6
Difficulty balanced

Update 7
Damage rate is more balanceds

Update 8
Optimised 4 blocks

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