Virus (fake)

by Daily life on internet

Version 3 (August 31, 2018)

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Note: For entertainment purposes ONLY.
This is a fake but fun virus! Try it out! For any concerns, Bugs or anything just send me a email here:
Thank you!
Note: I'll be creating another one, But that one will be a TRUE Virus! Check it out next time! Be sure to check this always because it might be updated!
Side note: I don't actually prefer using version 1, 2, I rather prefer to use 1.0, 1.1 etc.
Users has been complaining about things on the reviews, I moved all my answers here on this description.
It makes me so unmotivated that some questions my good reviews but no one questions the bad reviews, They just spot my mistakes, Not the good ones i do.
Change log:
version: 1.0
This is the original version of the virus
version: 1.1
Arranged the flowchat to make it better and you can see the lines much better now
version: 1.2
Added a restart function.
version: 1.3
Added a bug report button and a suggestion button!
version: 1.4
Made changes to stop the vibration, you can now stop the flow. ( Due to demand )

ANSWER to Ba so's comment:
#1 For your first question, It's normal, It's a virus! It's a prank! You're not supposed to be able to stop it at first at all plus, **IT SHOULD ACTUALLY ANNOY YOU**, It worked well.

#2 The bug report is supposed to be empty, You should manually describe what you experienced, The system won't make a bug report automatically for you.

#3 To make it look like a real virus, even you try to Stop it you shouldn't be able to stop it at all so even you don't wish it to be repeated it really should be repeated ( Like a real virus that annoys you and you can't delete it )

#4 I'll look onto it.

#5 When they tried using it, There's no restart function, It stops automatically so they're able to review, plus the vibration is just added recently before you commented.

And just a question, Did you see any viruses stopped automatically without you manually stopping it? No, so normally a virus doesn't stops unless you manually stop it, There's no stop function with viruses.

Answer to Cook IT:
Is there a problem with too many downloads on a single flow? What do i know if there's Hit-and-run users? Plus, There's so many lazy people that doesn't reviews a flow that i even need to "waste" some precious blocks just for emailing me.

Invisibly doing stuff? You can just look at the flowchart to know if something suspecious will happen when you run the block.

This is the 5th time i downloaded this flow for making some updates because i don't like stucking stuff on my phone, From now on i'll just save them all to a cloud storage.

Automate won't let you create real viruses, And you won't be able to create a invisible virus using it.

There are two types of users.

[1] Developers, flow developers, flow creators

[2] Users who just tries the application and doesn't upload anything on the community and just keeps their flows for their selves

Note: I don't get paid, So I won't waste time reviewing.

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