Alarm system

by Minecrosters

Version 3 (September 6, 2018)

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This is a different than a regular alarm, if your looking for an alarm to wake you up then this is not for you.

This is an alarm that sounds when someone turns on the screen

I do respond to reviews, you just have to look for my review that I made, the response should be there within 2 days or less. Your name should be in the review. if it's not your name then it's not about or related to you

- will sound nonstop (until you turn it off)
- will make the volume all the way up to 100%
- doesnt allow you to turn off the sound (until you turn it off)
- Doesn't need PREMIUM!

How it works:
Once you activate it you wait a few seconds then turn off your phone screen. (Same with turning it back on) And once you've turn it on again it will vibrate and sound off while giving you a notification telling you how to stop the alarm

Please give me feedback on what I should improve on it

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