ER⏰🌄Fade-in Music Alarm Clocks

by Edan Raz

Version 2 (September 4, 2018)

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[Ver1.06]If you like music and have hard time waking up at the mornings this is the flow for you! [Premium Required]

🚩*Note:*For the moment all settings can be change Only manually from inside of the blocks. Conveniently 😎 they are all at the top of the scheme.

🚩*Flow Features:*🚩
🔹Set up the time and days of week to start one ALARM SET fade-in music 🎶 flow

🔹Fade in means every ALARM will start to fade-in the music from low volume🔉 to higher target volume🔊 (default is 12 seconds between every volume increment)

🔹Every ALARM SET consist of as many ALARMS as you want -Default is 5 alarms with 3 minutes wait⏳ between them

🔹For each ALARM the volume starts a bit higher

🔹You can add your favorite mp3 files🎧🎵 to be play (and even filter them by suffix name). Just set your default music folder. (Block#)

🔹The flow will create random playlist every activation🎶 (shuffle) so you won't hear the same song twice before the whole list was played

🔹While sound fades in you can stop the 'fade-in' effect if you change the volume (higher or lower) for the rest of the ALARM SET (maybe you awake and want to hear them all)

🔹Lowering the volume to zero🔇 will stop✋ completely the current ALARM SET

🔹At the end of the last alarm you can set a voice message🙏🌇 greeting you personally on this fresh new day (hmmm it is still buggy 🐛)

🔹Extra flow to active fade-in music immediately


🚩*Wish List for next versions:*🚩
◻Another flow to play, repeatedly, the whole shuffled playlist.
◻Volume calibration
◻Volume start and target in prec. Of the calibrated list
◻Unlimited ALARM SETs for any time and at any of week days
◻Up volume to exit the incr. ◻Mode and keep playing the music indefinitely.
◻Play from youtube/spotify/ringtone
◻better gui toast setting
◻for no mp3 files use regular ringtone

🚩Known bugs 🐛:
🚧Double time to incr. Volume 🚧100 vol will also exit incr mode

Please feel free to comment your suggestions or issues if you have any. I'll try to address them quickly as for I'm still working on it.

Thank You,

2018, Sep

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