steps by martikkk (beta) V 0.1

by Martin K

Version 3 (September 9, 2018)

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*Monitors your daily steps
*Gives a graphic histogram of hourly steps
*Histogram can be viewed anytime
*Gives steps since midnight
*Gives steps since program start
*All data are continuously shown in a status notification
*All data are stored in a human readable text file
*Text file is updated with one entry per 24 hours

v 0.1 : corrected for bug if directory "Automate/stepper" doesn't exist

(tested on Sony Xperia and Samsung Galaxy under Oreo... Never crashed. But you never know :-)

Counts your steps and shows them in a status bar notification.

The notification appears only after you've taken your first steps. If you let the flow run continuously, the notification will stay and show in the morning before the first steps. The steps of yesterday, however, will continue to show in the morning until you've taken your first steps of the day, at which time the count for the day will begin with 1, the continuous count "since program start" will just continue to add steps to the grand total.

Gives your daily steps since midnight and the steps accumulated since the program started (I let it run for days or weeks, didn't crash yet). Also, the steps of each hour are given as a comma separated line of 24 numbers.

In a second status bar notification, you can hit the button 'histogram' and a dialog is shown giving a hourly breakdown of your steps so far this day. The histogram is relative, the hour with max steps will get 20 X's in a horizontal row. The histogram will thus likely change shape every hour.

All data are written to the file daysMartikkHistoGraph.log in the directory /Automate/stepper/ ... If that directory doesn't exist, it will be created. The directory "Automate" will in all likelihood be already created by Automate

The accelerometers in different brands of phones give different numbers of steps. I can't influence that with Automate. Where you wear the phone influences the results, also. Riding a bike usually gives steps = pedal revolutions. (Hey, that's a feature, not a bug! ;-)

Please give feedback, I'll try to include new features and squash bugs where possible... Cheers, martikkk

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