Music Motion Control

by Dii2 R2

Version 3 (September 10, 2018)

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- User can control with motion 4 actions Previous/Next Music and a Play/Pause.

- Motion Control only activates above 25% battery, it uses your proximity meter to know if it's in a pocket or screen facing the table it will turn off the motion control until the proximity function is met. (If u want to turn off the battery simply just delete the battery flow and connect the lines that disconnected to the one right below it)

- Notification control in case you want to stop the music (it will stop both the music and the flow) or just the flow.

- Has 29 flows just the right amount so everyone can use it.

- The Gestures might have to be configure just select them and press record (tip: try to make it as distinct as possible or multiple gestures can activate)

v3 - removed sound set at 20%
v2 - bug fix (Spawned multiple flows)

-Enjoy, any questions just leave them down below!

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