🌟 Soldiers vs tanks 💥 (Version 2)

by Newb Games

Version 5 (September 12, 2018)

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Before you play...
-Taking cover will ignore machine gun damage from tanks but still takes half damage from explosions.
-The tank has 900% more health than the player, but weapons deal more damage.

Note that this flow is a bit buggy, email me emailman109@gmail.com if you encounter one.

Can you beat the best tank with only 1000 soldiers?

Your actions :

Fire anti tank
Deal 40-80 Damage

Take cover
Ignore machine gun attacks but deal half damage from explosions

Reload bazooka
Deal 200-300 damage to the enemy when reloaded 3 times

Enemy actions

Machine gun
Deal 4-8 damage

Reload tank
Deal 15-30 damage to the enemy when reloaded 3 times

Update 1
Bug fix

Update 2
Difficulty balancing

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