[ER]🔊📜Speak out Secret SMS/WhatsApp messages

by Edan Raz

Version 2 (September 16, 2018)

Download (542 downloads)

Speak out SMS/Whatsapp messages that start with specific pre-define secret keyword (such "Msg ") even when the music volume is set to be 0.

❗Use caution while sharing the secret keyword with others - as for they could put you in embarrassment😭😓😲 and even 😱 situations!!! You may change the secret keyword as you like and reshare it😎.

FLOW USAGE: This is usefull with family and close people that you trust to ping/interupt you only with very important messages by voice (at the volume of your choice) e.g. my wife sends me message to also 'buy diapers' when I'm at the grocery store or driving...

Next version might have:
* Snooze until you reset it somehow (shake?!)
* Set white list of contacts/phone numbers
* ugm mode: 'You Got Mail' message (or keep note update)
* flash/special sound instead of speak
* GUI to config stuff and save it as file

Please feel free to comment your suggestions or issues if you have any. I'll try to address them quickly as for I'm still working on this treat, waking up with it!!!

Thank You,

2018, Sep