😈 Angry Boss 👊

by Anonymous Gaming

Version 3 (December 7, 2018)

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You work for a very angry boss but you decide to test his patience. Will you anger your boss until you get fired or flee from work and never return?

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🆕 Update 3.0

- Small bug fixes and improvements

Update: 2.0

-Much more optimised (thanks to Newbee Anims)
-Added option to give money (thanks to Vache Meuh)
-Changed 'Flee' to 'Quit job'
-Updated description

This is a small game where you can anger your boss until he rages.
You will have 5 options:
-Tease your boss
-Annoy your boss
-Punch your boss
-Give money to your boss

Each of these increases the likelihood of your boss raging, decreases your boss's happiness and adds to your score. With teasing being the least severe and punching the most. Giving money will increase happiness and decrease rage chance but will also decrease your score. If you quit your job you will keep your score and end the game.

No premium
No root
Any android version
No permissions


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