Smart Night Mode

by Jonathan Zuniga (Z)

Version 4 (October 7, 2018)

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[PREMIUM REQUIRED] This is a simple flow that sets sound states depending on time of day. There's charger connected checks as most people put their device to charge at night while they sleep. Will not go to vibrate mode during the day if you are charging before bedtime. There's a split to account for weekdays or weekends and there's also blocks to check to see if you're connected to any paired Bluetooth device (in case you're out doing things). If you're not, the flow will switch to vibrate at the specified time.

The flow was setup to automatically engage silent mode during a specific window unless you are connected to a paired Bluetooth device within that window. Unlike other flows that switch at a specific time and that's it, this flow doesn't need user interaction to go back to silent mode if it is switched off after the specified time. It will go on its own.

Weekends are set to have your device switch from vibrate to normal mode later for obvious reasons. Adjust times as you see fit.