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TL;DR: [By sending a text to your lost phone, this flow sends exact coordinates to where the phone is. It uses the 'interact' blocks to unlock your phone without user interaction and enables location/mobile data so it can send location info]

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This is a flow I originally made for personal use, but decided the benefits of it can be useful to many others.

The worst feeling you can get is losing a phone. ESPECIALLY when you're one of those people that like to keep location and data off. That's why I decided to make this flow so you can text the phone where it is, and it will unlock itself to turn on location and tell you!

As there are no location and mobile data blocks that don't require a rooted device, this flow primarily utilises the 'interact' feature to unlock your phone and turn on mobile data and location to send coordinates of your phone to the number that asked it from. These coordinates you can paste into Google maps to show EXACTLY where it is. During the process, the phone will take photos from back and front cameras saved to the Android folder in DCIM so you can look at later where it was.

You must play the flow, it will allow you to enter your passcode for the flow to use.
The exact text you must send to the phone's number is, "whereisphone". No quotations, no spaces. In less than a minute you'll receive the coordinates. If you want to test the flow out, send the phrase to your own number and turn your phone's screen off. It will then work on its own, YOU MUSTN'T TOUCH ANYTHING WHILE THIS HAPPENS, otherwise the flow will not work.

This flow requires a phone with a PIN password. I currently use this flow on a Samsung S7 with Android, and I don't know if it works with others, but be sure to try it out and let me know in the comments!

Thanks for checking it out, and feel free to check out my YouTube channel, I do many 2D animations! http://youtube.com/joboskullanimations
Twitter: @JoboSkull

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