Zombie survival👣(Release)

by Game Noob

Version 11 (October 20, 2018)

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Version 25
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This is my flow.

It may say newb games in the flow but i recently changed my name.

When you encounter a bug, include your email so i can gmail you to notify if it is fixed.

More missions coming soon..

Ever wanted to survive in a world of Zombies? (Neither do i to be honest), well, welcome to the Zombies apocalypse!

Make sure your health, sleep, hunger is above 0 because if they are lower than that you will die.

Do scavenges and missions! The rewards are a gamble.

Survival tips :
-Eating will give you health, hunger and sleep.
-Sleeping will regenerate health, regenerate sleep and spawn new missions but will use hunger.
-Scavenging has a chance of finding nothing, but also a chance to find something very good.
-Extreme missions can cause extreme injury, dont start with them.

@Anonymous gaming check the version of the flow, lots of updates has been made.

---🔄Change log----
â–¶Old updates
Update 17 ( Sep 24
-New mission

Update 18 ( Sep 24
-Food is more easy to get in missions

Update 19 ( Sep 24
-Negative food and medkit fix

Update 20 ( Sep 24
-Scavenging/Doing missions will show much health you lost
-Bug fixes
-Shows version of game when you die updates

Update 21 ( Sep 25
-More alerts
-Bug fixes
-Lack of sleep won't kill you directly

Update 22 ( Sep 26
-Mission changes
-Now has a score system

Update 23 ( Sep 26
-Sleeping uses more hunger
-Bug fixes

Update 24 ( Sep 26
-Bug fixes

🆕Update 25 ( Sep 27
-Sitting down gives score
-Bug fixes

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