by Павлик Мороzzz

Version 1 (September 25, 2018)

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When started, duplicates the fiber:

Fiber 1: Awaits personal activity (running, on foot, cycling) and starts the app Movecoin (Main Activity); then waits for 10 seconds, and simulates a tap on the START/STOP button (screen coordinates are based on the app GUI, and can be eventually changed); after 1 minute, the flow verifies that Movecoin is running in foreground; if it is, waits for another minute; if not, it restarts the app and taps on the main button again.
To prevent it from terminating the activity, I suggest you to lock rhe screen, so that Automate can't stop the activity even if Movecoin is running in background.

Fiber 2: When in vehicle, the flow will TRY TO kill the app, then will wait for a minute and perform the check again.
This function is not tested, and may not work on not rooted devices.

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