♿Assist Tools🛠️v4.0.0

by LitPotato

Version 2 (September 28, 2018)

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[28 Blocks]Start flow and access tools by holding the home button
[Please read all description]
➡️Current tools/features:
*Calculator with plus, minus, multiply and division (Taken from one of finch Nelson's flows)
*Rotation lock tool that lets you force the Orientation of any app
*Countdown timer with vibrate alarm and multiple timers allowed(Taken from FINCH NELSON)
*Notification Reminder with edit feature
*Quick shortcut to developer options

➡️How to use
*Method 1:
1) Go to your phone settings
2) If your settings app has a search option then search for "assist"
3) Go to assist and change the assist app to automate
*Method 2:
1) Go to your phone settings
2) Go to apps
3) Tap the three dots or cog button to and go to Configure apps/default apps
4) Tap assist and change the assist app to automate
*Method 3:
1) Go to your phone settings
2) Go to accessibility
3) Search for assist or default apps and change the assist app to automate

v1.0.0: *Initial release
v1.1.0: *Fixed some weirdness with timer notifications and alarms
v1.2.0: *Added notifications to stop timers
v1.3.0: *Fixed notifications to stop timers not disappearing when the timer countdown stopped
*Small description changes
v1.4.0: *Disabled sound notification
*Changed icon for the stop notification
v1.4.1: *Small fix for the amount of notifications showed when a timer stops
v2.0.0:*Removed old way of stopping running timers
*Finally found a proper way to stop timers(Thanks to one of Finch Nelson's flows) Problem with this is that multiple timers jump up and down
*Notification now shows the initial time on the title
*Notification now stops 1 second after 00:00:00
v2.1.0:*Fixed reminder not being able to be cancelled
*added buttons to the reminder
v3.0.0(beta):*Added buttons to timer notifications
*made timer notifications as on going to prevent accidentally closing it by pressing clear all button
*swapped notification reminder buttons
*Changed 3 block calculator for 1 block Javascript calculator
*Removed 1 useless block
*Added screen rotation select feature
*Added Repeat feature to timer
*You can now mute alarms by closing the sound notification instead of the timer notification
*Edited timer title
*Renamed "close" button to "stop"
*Changed delay from exact to inexact to minimize battery and cpu usage
*Changed audio stream from timer to notification
v3.1.0:*Finished the screen force lock feature
*Removed useless block
*Fixed Timer Alarm
*Changed the delay block to exact to maybe fix a problem with timers displaying the wrong number
v4.0.0:*Added system default option to force lock feature
*Removed the sound feature when a timer stoos
*Phone now vibrates when a timer stops
*Added stop Vibration button for when you want to stop Vibration without deleting the notification
*Reorganized flow layout for better editing
*Added developer settings shortcut

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