Sies all[/|\] Better Auto Backup

by you tube Dance

Version 1 (October 3, 2018)

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Do you want to automatically backup your flow but not every 24 hours ? This flow will do it for you when there's a modification !

▶How to use
Simply start the flow, choose an account, and let the flow do his job.

▶How it works ?
It simply check if there is a change in your flow list, if yes, it upload a backup in Google Drive, and it wait 5 minutes, to prevent over-uploading when creating new flow.

▶ Community
You can also join our group for help or just chat !

This flow is designed to be non premium. Since you don't have to run all fibers simultaneously, you never exceed 30 blocs.

📊 Stats 📊
Blocks : 13
Fiber : 1
Version : 119

📌 Note 📌
Please grant account access in the settings panel in order to work.

This flow is part of the [/|\] project. Simply search for [/|\] to find all my non-premium flows.

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