GCC - GCloud Chat ☁💬

by Asfac Tasfac

Version 1 (October 6, 2018)

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Have you ever wanted to send private messages to your friends?


If so, I'll introduce you...

GCC - GCloud Chat☁💬

Send messages to your friends and respond to theirs in a simple way, all happening through Google Cloud service with an all-in-one application without any third party platform intrusion!

1. Initiate GCC ☁💬 Dashboard
2. Choose your Google account
3. Input Your UserName
4. Initiate GCC☁💬 Messenger
5. Go back to GCC☁💬 Dashboard
6. Ready to go 🙌

- Write and send messages
- Receive messages with notifications
- Reply messages
- Notifications
- Message Log

Do you have any problem?
⚠My friend does not recive my messages!
➡Your friend must have this application installed and follow the steps in the instructions

⚠My messages are not sent and I do not receive them either!
➡If you followed the instructions and do not send or can not receive messages, keep in mind that this application does not work with Automate hacked

⚠I found a bug!
➡Write it in the comments to fix it!

Update Log
Version 1: Flow Relase
Version 2: Added MESSAGE LOG

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☁💬 GCC -- GCloud Chat ☁💬

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