1 Screen Level with Charge

by Eric Burch

Version 1 (October 16, 2018)

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No root. I wanted a flow to dim my screen during a time window when also wirelessly charging. Also turn off flashlight when wireless charge connects that I was using to make my way to bedside table. Then in morning when disconnected from charger, wait a delay then raise brightness.

Not much instructions. Need to use wireless charger at night, though changing the charge block will allow any charger to work, while I mostly use wireless at night so it serves as a double check. Maybe look at delay times for dimming and brightening. For some reason, after weeks of fiddeling and searching, could not make (any flashlight block) flashlight work with my Samsung 8. I left it in there, doesn't hurt and maybe works for someone else.

Minimized battery by funneling to a wait state. But there is a delay loop when wirelessly charging but out of time window. Not a big deal.

If u like, give me a good review and spend a few bucks for the full Automate version. Love this program, hate folks who try to ruin it.