Always enable

by Marc Galmes

Version 1 (October 22, 2018)

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This flow will keep a feature of the phone always enabled or disabled. By default it's configured to keep Bluetooth always on and WiFi always off.

You can change the preferences in the set variable blocks in the flow. Something like set the variable "alwaysEnable" to {"bluetooth":1,"wifi":1} to keep Bluetooth and WiFi enabled. So if it's set to 1 it's enabled and to 0 it's not changed.

-In what kind of universe is this flow useful?

+I think in the community it works better as an example. But in my universe I have a tablet with broken touchscreen so I control it with a Bluetooth mouse and in case I accidentally disable Bluetooth then I will have a problem to enable it again.
Also I have a phone used as web server and I would like it to be always connected to WiFi.