sleep analysis by martikkk

by Martin K

Version 1 (October 24, 2018)

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Analyse your sleep. Total deep sleep duration, duration and number of deep sleep phases.

This is 1/2 of a pair of apps. Use this app to analyse sleep data. Use "sleep monitor" by martikkk to gather your sleep data.

Start the flow and identify the *.raw file that "sleep monitor" produced in the /Automate/sleep directory.

You can and should do multiple analyses of one *.raw file. All will be written into a file *.raw.analysis that assembles all performed analyses of the *.raw file in readable format. A short form of the results will be given in dialog format during the runtime of the flow.

The next two dialogs will ask for values that modify the way the flow handles outliers. If you just click ok to accept the default values, you'll be fine.

Then, a histogram of your movement intensity each minute is shown. Just a plausibility check.

Then, two dialogs follow that ask for two crucial values. 1.) The threshold below which movements are being considered calm. 2.) The minimum length of a calm phase that's being considered a sleep phase.

1.) Which threshold should be taken to signify a calm state in your sleep? The default is 10 percent of "maximum" movement. ("Maximum" in quotes because there's a lot of data cleaning going on before the "maximum" can be identified....)
You can keep the default values or experiment with other numbers.

2.) The minimum length in minutes that can constitute a deep sleep phase. A short calm minute or two are not considered a phase. The default is ten minutes. Accept or experiment :-)

Results are given in short form in dialogs. Readable summaries are written into the *.raw.analysis file. The flow will continue to do analysis with the parameters you give it until you ask it to stop. All analysis on one *.raw file will be assembled in one *.raw.analysis file.

Please rate and tell me how it works. I'll try and squash bugs or implement more functionality you ask for... If possible :-)
Cheers, martikkk