Actual priority calls only (v0.2)

by Andrew Mouat

Version 4 (October 26, 2018)

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Do not disturb; Priority mode across all incoming calls including voip; WhatsApp... Etc (works as "toggle-able" widget)

True silence with priority calls (starred contacts),
Sets volume to 100% (can be changed in the flow) when toggled to normal.

No vibrations either can be changed in flow as well, pretty basic to edit.

Seems like in my tiredness I somehow managed to think something was working when it was not, so starred Contacts only vibrate and not ring with ring volume set 0%, this was only way to get whatapps ring muted when receiving voip calls
Without an active thread running waiting for WhatsApp/voip app to ring and silence it during ringing then returning to audiable state for non voip priority calls

-fixed checking states, now toggles correctly no matter the state it was set to previously before toggling
-changed 80% to 100%on ringer toggle to normal.
-added visual indicators when toggling

-fixed broken link