Google API Auth(fixed disallowed_useragent)

by Qwerty Cat

Version 1 (October 28, 2018)

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Google's recent update blocks oauth on dialog web(disallowed_useragent).
This isdisallowed_useragent fixed version
Original - automate developer's
May not work on every devices

This is an highly advanced and quite extensive example of using the Dialog web block to create an authenitcation flow which aquires a token used for accessing Google profile with the HTTP request block.

Full description of the Google authentication flow:

• Visit
• Create a project
• Create "OAuth client ID" credentials (API manager)
• Choose application type "Other" (used for installed apps)
• The "Client ID" and "Client secret" are required to acquire a token
• Enable the APIs to access

How to use
• Start Authenticate
• Choose scope to grant access to
• Choose an Google account to pre-selected for authentication (web) flow, optional
• Paste the project "Client ID"
• Paste the project "Client secret"
• Start Call API