Run a named flow

by Mike O

Version 1 (October 30, 2018)

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Hopefully an aid to making Automate flows more portable across devices.
Flows in Automate are referenced by a unique id which is different on each device. This sample flow enables users to set up a routine which activates a flow with a set name even when moved to a different installation (provided that flow is also on the new device!). It alerts the user if the flow is not found and allows you to continue or abort.
By changing the start blocks for the included stop ones the flow can similarly be used to stop named flows.
N.B. The daughter flow needs to start at box 1 (as 99%+ seem to do).
You need to enter the name of the flow you want to run into flow box 2, currently "Start check" is used as the example.

My thanks to Finch Nelson for the idea of the Querry Content block which I picked up from his "Automate safeguard" flow.

Block 15 is unconnected as it is the delete alternative to the run block if you want to use it.

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