[¶] YourPass - Password Manager

by Alexandre Desfontaines

Version 2 (November 2, 2018)

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Want a password manager but you want to use it else where than in the navigator ?

▶How to use
Simply start the flow, follow the instructions and voila ! You're ready to use it !
Press the listener you've choosed to display the password selection menu and automatically paste it in the text box that you are editing !
Or use the old way by the notification to copy it in the clipboard.
You can also generate strong passwords with the included generator !
Password are automatically encrypted and stored on the cloud for backup.

▶How it works ?
It encrypt the master password with the master password. Then it encrypt all the password with the master password.
When it ask you for the master password, it decrypt the master password with the key you gave, if the decryption fails or the master password doesn't correspond with the key, the flow quit himself for resetting purpose.

This flow is designed to be premium. If you are a non premium user, please don't download.

📊 Stats 📊
Blocks : 265
Fiber : 3
Version : 918

📌 Note 📌
The copied password is reverted back to the previous clipboard content for safety purposes.
I (Alexandre Desfontaines) or any contributor (Marko Zajc, Finch Nelson, Ba So) are not responsible for any lost or stolen passwords.

This flow is part of the [¶] project. Simply search for [¶] to find all my premium flows.

▶Change log
Version {B-0.0.1-RL} :
- Released the flow
Version {B-0.0.2-RL}
- Bug fix : auto updater (credits : Ba So)

▶ Credits
- Marko Zajc for his encryptor/decryptor flow
- Finch Nelson for his compact update flow
- Ba So for testing the flow

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