Magnet alarm

by Juan Carlos Navares Vázquez

Version 1 (November 10, 2018)

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Do you turn off your alarm in the morning, and then you fall asleep again?
Don't worry! With this flow, you will be forced to wake up and approach your mobile phone to a magnet you can place everywhere (for example, in the kitchen). Wait, you don't have a magnet? That's not a problem. Intercoms have a strong magnetic field, some of them around 3000μT, so you only have to go to your entrance and place the phone next to it.

*How to configure it?*
Each weekday is ordered from left to right. You must set the time you want to wake up in every "Await time" block, and there it is, you have you new alarm ready to operate!

Don't place your mobile phone next to something with a strong magnetic field during the night. Otherwise, the alarm may detect it and stop ringing.

The magnet strength must be at least 1000μT. You can check this inside the "Magnetic field" block, at the bottom. If you have a weaker magnet, just change its value, but realize that Earth's magnetic field and other electric interferences can give you a value up to 70μT. Try not setting it to less than 150μT.