🎮Automate Idle Clicker

by Stephen Shank

Version 6 (November 11, 2018)

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Tired of watching ads to play idle games? Play this one instead!

Premium only.

- Force rerender of upgrades menu when changing currency selection.

- Text fixes.

V4 Optimization:
- Don't recreate all of the dialog choices in the Upgrades menu every time. Instead, only render the text for a choice if it changes through a successful purchase.
-Now you can make progress even when the flow is not running. Your totals will be updated when you restart the flow.
- Idle notification now shows current 💲. Use notification actions to resume or exit game.
- Add idle refresh time, remove autoincrease time.
- Text fixes.
* 42 blocks shorter (217 -> 175) even while adding new features, and slightly reorganized.
* No longer autoincrease in background. Instead, only calculates a new value when a relevant dialog is refreshed or reopened.
* Remove all blocks associated with threading and atomics. Store state and settings in arrays rather than individual variables to reduce block assignments.
* Use log(base 1000) and memoize already calculated suffixes to speed up rendering.

-Enforce UTF-16 for reading and writing save file to avoid issues when loading a save file with an odd currency selection.

- Start clicking to earn 💲*.
- Hire developers in 7 languages to earn 💲 for you when you don't feel like clicking, with more languages on the way.
- Multipliers at level milestones to get faster as you go.
- Save your progress and come back where you left off.
- Set the game to idle mode to hide all dialogs while your developers earn 💲. Tap the notification to actively play again.
- Customize your game: Change the currency emoji°, refresh interval, idle refresh interval, and autosave interval.
- Start fresh whenever you want (I don't recommend it though).

Future features:
- Rather than upgrading or hiring 1 at a time, pick multiples of 10, 100, or even 1000 if you can afford it.
- Display the 💲/s rate alongside the total.
- Display the 💲/s rate for each language currently in use.
- Create multiple profiles and run them all at once to test out different strategies or go head to head with your friends.
- Once progress slows down too much, prestige by giving up all your 💲 and developers in exchange for another currency that can be used to purchase boosts for a universal multiplier on all profits.
- Submit bug reports and check for new versions in-game.

I still recommend turning logging off for this game, even though it no longer spams the logs as much.

*Disclaimer: 💲 earned in this game has no redeemable real world value, and 💲amounts are not meant to reflect the real world salaries or earning potentials of actual developers in any way. Again, this is just a game.
°And yes, I mean any type of emoji in Emoji 11.0, including obscure ones with weird joins like the flag of England🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 and the Jolly Roger 🏴‍☠️ (which doesn't even render properly on my phone yet).

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