Dash cam 1.1 (Road Recorder app add-on)

by Alex Chudinov

Version 3 (February 6, 2020)

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[paid Automate, no root required]
There's a free dash cam app called Road Recorder (link to G play: goo.gl/WPkZ3r) capable of taking videos as soon as provided with power supply plus drawing your trips on the map and ebmedding speed to the recordings all based on GPS but.. as I use my phone not only as a dash cam I started to see unnecessary recordings as the app doesn't differentiate attached power source (usb, wireless charger or car sigarette lighter adapter). Nor the app checks the orientation of the device as from time to time I just want to charge it while browsing the web.

I created this flow to work in pair with the app (thanks to the app as it supports background commands called broadcasts). So, the flow just waits till you properly mount the device and attach certain charger and only then asks Road Recorder to start recording.

Also, instead of turning the video off right when unplugging the power, the flow enables you to continue recording till your battery is above some level which you can customize right upon launching the flow.

No need to learn the flow. You'll be guided through a couple of steps in the very beginning, that's it.

Be careful when driving and thank me by leaving hopefully a positive feedback ;)

When I updated my device to android 9 Road Recorder started to ignore some commands from the flow. Even tips from the developer of the app didn't help. So, I created an alternative flow taking videos by itself without any apps, broadcasts, etc.. It's not equipped with all those nice features as Road Recorder but it just works.
Not sure if it happens on all android 9+ devices but if it does on yours have a look at it at https://llamalab.com/automate/community/flows/33388


Jan, '20:
Happy new year and merry Christmas to you guys!

For whom: for those ones updated their devices to android 9 and started to have issues afterwards. Please have a look at the above ANDROID 9 NOTE

May, '19:
For whom: extremely useful for newcomers. Those who doesn't experience issues and are fine as it works right now could skip it.

Improvement: significantly simplified and made clearer the wizard displayed when running the flow for the 1st time.

Improvement: better support of the portrait mode

+other small fixes and improvements for better maintainability and stability of the flow

Mar, '19:
Fix: flow id related error (throwing exception) in the Orientation flow

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