Dash cam (improvement for Road Recorder)

by Alex Chudinov

Version 2 (March 2, 2019)

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[100+ blocks, no root required]
There's a free dash cam app called Road Recorder (link to G play: goo.gl/WPkZ3r) allowing to start shooting video when usb or wireless charger is attached and stop it when losing power. However it lacks some features..

..the app doesn't differentiate whether it's usb or wireless charger. Nor it checks the orientation of the device. So, those of you using the device not only as a dash cam may end up with unnecessary recordings.

This flow waits for the device to be mounted and provided with power and only then asks Road Recorder to start recording.

And instead of turning the video off straight when unplugging the power, it checks if the battery is above some limit which you may change when launching the flow for the 1st time. No need to change blocks manually.

Update log
Mar, 2:
Fix: flow id related error (throwing exception) in the Orientation flow