🐏💻 DexieOS

by Adam Dryńkowski

Version 1 (December 10, 2018)

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Your own Dexicon, a cool computer OS you can run on phones with Automate.

You can install apps scripted by others and run them! You can install some official apps from my profile.

You can also run normal flows on your Dexicon, but apps made specifically for the Dexicon can see your username, password, and DexieOS files.

For the user's convenience, please indicate the flow beginning with a good name like "Main" or "App".

The app has a documentation for making apps in Settings > About Dexicon > Dx App Documentation.

Don't worry about the root permissions, the app knows if your phone is rooted or not, so just check it so you won't get an error.

Send support requests and feedback to os.dexicon@gmail.com

Make sure to install DexiShell, and other official apps from my profile! Might add a dialog asking if you want to install them on firstboot.

Oh and also Cook IT is a big fat hater.

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