⛔Obstacle Run💨

by Anonymous Gaming

Version 6 (December 16, 2018)

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Avoid the obstacles and achieve the highest score possible in this fast paced infinite running game!

📝Update Log
-Added high-scores
-Small changes to the timeout

-Timeout decreases as score increases
(Thanks to Cook IT for the suggestion)

-Decreased timeout (1.2s)

❓How to play
This is you: ◼
This is an obstacle: 🔴

There are three lanes in the game, if you are in the same lane as an obstacle you must press '◀---- Left' or 'Right ----▶' to avoid it or you will lose the game. If you are not in the same lane you can stay where you are and wait or you can move into another empty lane. The obstacle will be in a random lane each round but you will stay in the same lane unless you press '◀---- Left' or 'Right ----▶'. You will gain 1 point after each round if you do not hit an obstacle but beware, each round has a random timer (all 5s or below) so be quick. Good luck!

▶24 blocks
▶Released : 12/12/2018
▶Updated : 16/12/2018

✔ No premium
✔ No root
✔ No permissions
✔ Any android version

📨 Contact me
◽Gmail: noname223445@gmail.com

◽Telegram: @Anonymous_Gaming

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