⌚!Kozel wear™🐐

by JKR

Version 1 (December 29, 2018)

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PREMIUM (v2 update!) *There is also a free version, search "kozel wear"*

I bought a smartwatch from China and it's android app is useless so i made my own wich controlls some stuff by calling and cancelling a call
(I'll add more commands in updates)


phone Number commands
001- check battery
002- check weather
003- mute sound
004- unmute sound
005- show street name (requires internet, it crashes sometimes, I'll try to fix it)
006- disable bt
007- lock your phone (if someone Has taken your phone)

For example if you want to know how much battery is left on your phone, call 001 on your smartwatch and then cancell the call. You should get a notification that tells you that on your smartwatch without using your smartphone!!

There is also 12345 command but it works with my other program wich is not published