✏️ Old log cleaner

by Julien W

Version 2 (January 5, 2019)

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This flow cleans logs prior to a selected date, line by line.

14 blocks ➡ NON-PREMIUM

There are two ways :
-Manual : select a date and all the log lines before this date will be cleared
-Automatic : select a period and each days, the log lines before this period will be cleared

It is highly recommended to disable the logs of this flow.

Note: this flow analyzes the logs line by line, if part of a log dates before the period and part after, the part after will be saved.

Changelogs :
V2 (05/01/19) :
- Bugfix, thanks to Niels Triple (block #31)
- Speed increased ("until" in block #9)
- Now wait in relation to the chosen period (block #25)

By cefadrom

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