Forward SMS to email 📩📤

by Pablo Marin

Version 9 (August 25, 2020)

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Why this app? Useful for some people with more than one phone who do not want to carry them but still need to received their SMS in real time (like confirmation SMS codes).

In case the phone is not connected to the internet, the SMS is forwarded as SMS to another number.

Version 9:
- Sound warning added when the phone is not connected to the internet.
- Bug with open loop in battery check when charging fixed.

Version 8:
- Alarm changed for a sound warning every 30 min to avoid disturbing at night (if Do not disturb is activated).

Version 7:
- Interface to enter the emails and phone number.
- Alarm added if the phone is not connected to the phone network.
- Check if there is a phone network connection before sending SMS to avoid the flow crashing.
- Battery flow disconnected at the end fixed.

Version 6:
- Critical battery level warning.
- Removed date and time from log messages (already there).

Version 5:
- Send an email (or SMS) when a call had been received.

Version 4:
- Battery flow bug fixed.

Version 3:
- Battery warning sent in case of low battery.

Version 2:
- Check internet connection and prioritize email over SMS.
- Bug fixed.
- Log each sent.

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