WiFi Bluetooth auto switch

by Richard Maher

Version 1 (January 16, 2019)

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I wrote this automation to mitigate the issue of WiFi interference with my Bluetooth audio connection on my Skoda Octavia MIB1 Amundsen audio system. Bluetooth audio "skipping" and crackles is a very commonly reported issue with this audio system widely used in Seat, VW and Skoda cars. :-S.

When WiFi becomes out of range and disconnects from all WiFi access points it switches on Bluetooth. Then when Bluetooth connects, it switches off WiFi and vice versa.

The script first prompts the user to choose their previously paired Bluetooth device that they want it to be active with (probably your car) or cancel that dialog to have it work with any previously paired Bluetooth device. The pull down shade notification then informs you that the automation is running and which Bluetooth device it is active for.

The script intentionally has no user accessible start points because it is controlled from its partner script "WiFi Bluetooth switch control", also uploaded here, which is used to Start/Restart and Stop the script via a homescreen icon or directly within the main app.

When I've figured out how, I'll probably add a stop option to the notification shade notification.

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