Screen off by cover, fingerprint open works

by Daniel Boone Brabon

Version 1 (January 31, 2019)

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About 2 seconds after closing the phone cover, putting in pocket, or face down, the phone will vibrate then the screen turns off a couple seconds later.. Fingerprint unlock still works because the phone was never locked, only the screen was turned off. I noticed most applications that lock your phone for you make you have to type in your pin and the fingerprint unlock stopped working.

Close cover (proximity) Sets screen timeout to 1 second. One second later, if the cover is still closed, then it will vibrate.
Screen state of Off/On sets screen timeout to 5 minutes.

Low power consumption because most of the workflow it is waiting for a proximity action of open or closed cover.

Checking twice with a 1 second delay removes false positive of swiping down while in a dark room.

Developed on Pixel 3

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