☁ Premium Cloud Message ☁

by Alecontin XD

Version 4 (August 4, 2019)

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The PREMIUM version of ☁ Simple Cloud Message ☁ is here!

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Now, i'll introduce you to...

☁ Premium Cloud Message ☁

With ☁ PCM ☁ you can create an infinite list of Friends and also avoid non-friends messages!
(this is also compatible with ☁ SCM ☁ V5)

1. Start ☁ Cloud Main ☁
2. Select "Set Google Account"
3. Enter a name
4. Start ☁ Message Reciver ☁
5. Go back to ☁ Cloud Main ☁
6. Select "Create Chat"
7. Put in your friend's name (it has to be the "Set Google Account" name) and gmail
8. Click "Create"
9. Go to "Chat List"
10. Select the chat that you just created
11. Send a message to your friend and wait for the answer!

- Write and send messages
- Receive messages (Notification Included)
- Reply messages by clicking the notification (or you can just cancel it)

Do you have any problem?
-> My friend does not recive my messages!
-> Your friend must have this flow or the simple version installed and follow the steps in the instructions!

-> My messages are not sent and I do not receive them either!
-> If you followed the instructions and can not send or can not receive messages, keep in mind that this application does not work with Automate hacked

-> I found a bug!
-> Write what you did to cause the bug in the comments and i'll do my best to solve it!

Update Log
- V4
— Fixed bug
- V3
— Made it recognize Chatrooms and Chats separately, that way you dont get the same message twice, once from the Chatroom and another from the user (if its added to your chats)
- V2
— Bug fix
—Flow Relase


☁ Premium Cloud Message ☁
☁ PCM ☁
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