🔰LOST PHONE? Track your Pocket Pattern

by Barrie Stephenson

Version 1 (May 10, 2019)

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⚖️ When you loose your device its just sitting there somewhere alone, cold and lost.

But the Sensory Data is never logged. Let me explain...
By combining the Sensory Data (OPAL) you could get a whopping 81% chance of retrieving your device because you will see where it has last been, if its inside or outside. You will know how many times it was in your pocket, will know if your phone hasn't been in your pocket.

This flow you will need to open up the TXT. file in the created directory and you will see what time exactly your phone went into your pocket until you next unlock it.

Please refer to flow: SignificantSensorLogAndSend
To see how much information you can get from your device using OPAL.

So you loose your phone? Open up the email it sends every 15 minutes of the previous SD (SensatoryData)
You will understand where you've left it or if someone has taken it.

Again, this is module 1 of 4 and can't be used to its full potential until I've uploaded the rest.

Please note I haven't had any coding experience but I've learnt from other flows and I know there probably is some easier methods using proper coding or whatever but I try my best and test these bad boy flows a lot and make sure they ain't playing up'

Peace out flowies be kind to one another Rate for a Rate how does that heckin sound :p