Hidden Camera

by Hello Hi

Version 8 (August 28, 2019)

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❗Update 28-August-2019: Video resolution change based on storage left (1080p if >10% otherwise 720p).

❗Please read all the instructions below before using.

-Every 30s this flow will stop recording and start record a new one until you stop it by tapping the notification (like autosave).
-Choose camera to record in a notification with title "Automate" to start. Tap the processing notification to stop.
-Files will be stored in folder "Download/Video".

⚠️ Change the video resolution in block 50 and 51 with 0x6 is 1080p, 0x5 is 720p, 0x4 is 460p, etc.

⚠️ You might want to check the id of each camera in block 36 and add an "Expression true?" if necessary.

⚠️ You can change the time for each video in block 36.

⚠️ If you don't want the autosave feature, go to block 36 then change the maximum duration to 0, then delete block 39, 35, 40 and connect 3 -> 36 -> 34.

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