🔰 Pocket-Reminder// Unmutes Once in Pocket

by Barrie Stephenson

Version 2 (April 2, 2019)

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Updated: Now saves battery usage by around 90% without the continuous use of the Proximity & Amb Light!!!

Enables the user to never miss a phone call or text.
This should be on every device, if they knew the benefits of it.
Please be patient and at first use you'll have to put it in your pocket a few times until you get a pattern of detection flowing.

No Root or Premium
As soon as device detected in pocket it unmutes itself and as soon as you take it out it mutes again.

Please note this is a beta version and will require manual off and on at nights etc. This is the basics of detecting your pocket and how fast it detects it. Now the majority of the time it goes into my pocket before I've even let go of it it detects it and makes a sound and boom you automatically feel like you're from the future and you'll start walking around slipping and sliding your bad boy device just to hear that. 'plughmm' sound as she slips comfortably in that pocket.

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