AOD Manager Ext [Beta4]

by zperetz AZ

Version 12 (April 29, 2019)

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With Extended Samsung AOD Manager you can use different options:
1. Enable AOD with active notifications. If not - you will be asked for default state of AOD
1.1. Ignore ongoing notifications
1.2.1 Hide user-defined apps (black list) *
1.2.2 Show only user-defined apps (white list) *
2. AOD stays on during charging
3. Use night mode during selected time slot - AOD will not wake for any notifications.**

* At start you can add patterns that will be filtered for:
- Black list - AOD will be off, while notifications with patterns will be alive
- White list - AOD will be off, until notification with patterns appears

You can add 3 patterns to constants (any part of app id, message title or android name, eg. for replace one of the constants to "appname" ) at right part of the flow.

** Start and end of night period to be applied

!!! Switch off the logging to avoid huge log size. Due to Beta status a lot of information is leaking to log, actually not important for usage.

Big thanks for POKE CHAMP for his working formulas.