Music Sleep Timer Premium

by Matt Rigby

Version 1 (May 5, 2019)

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🎢Music Sleep Timer PremiumA Premium fork of Music Sleep Timer by Maik Lindner. Please download the original version if you don't have Automate Premium.

Plays music for a user specified time and then fades volume to stop.

Extra Features:
β€’ Start when playing music to be prompted
β€’ Auto prompts when music plays
β€’ If no selection, defaults to 60min
β€’ Time intervals cumulative
β€’ Swipe notification down for more options: Quit, Add 15 min, New Timer
β€’ Bluetooth disabled for 30 minutes once done if BT being used to allow BT devices to auto-shutdown/powersave

Please send to any constructive criticism here

Thanks in advance.

β€” Reduced β„– Blocks but still over 30 Blocks
β€” Automate Premium required
β€” Bug fix
β€” Waiting Notification
β€” Bluetooth disabled at end of timer for 30 minutes

– Make it default to last timer set
– Prompt to reset if pause 5 min or more
– Reset if stopped
– Reduce β„– Blocks of feasible
– Chromecast support (Auto Cast off; doesn't seem to volume down properly) [Might just toggle Wi-Fi off/on]

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