Voice Assistant v1

by Gabe Gordon

Version 2 (May 13, 2019)

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Premium: No
Root: No

This is a completely customizable voice assistant.

Activate by holding down the home button. 

It will automatically switch to silent mode if your volume is off. 

To add a command, append the command to the automate/voiceassistant file. It can either reply with a custom response or preform an action. 

To command a certain response append something in this format:

To command an action append something in this format:
Command-@/action/field1/field2/field3 etc._


Hello-hi_dialog hi-@/dialogmessage/Hello/hi/ok/ / _

If you said "hello" it would say hi
If you said "dialog hi" It would show a dialog message with the title saying hello , message saying hi, button saying ok, and the timeout and channel left blank. The show immediately button is on. 
This example is included with the flow.

This flow is only made with the dialog message action. You can add as many more actions as you want. I only included one so that this flow would be non-premium.

If you want to upload a set of commands to the community, please only include one category per flow . If everyone uploads a set with many different things, then they could have the same commands and delete the old command.

Also please include a list of the commands and all the actions required. 

Please make sure that all commands is lowercase or it will not work.

If you append something to the file it should automatically update the commands. 

Made by Gabe Gordon

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