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by Kaz

Version 1 (May 15, 2019)

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Limit access. Stay focused on one app.

Set a passcode, then open an app. If you try to leave the app, you'll need to enter your passcode.

Use it to keep yourself focused, or when you don't trust your friends with your phone!

Disclaimer: May not work on all devices. And please be careful not to lock yourself out of using your device!

Non-premium (30 blocks)
Set a password or PIN
Modify your password/PIN
• Open an app, stay on that app
• Input your passcode within 0:10s to leave
• Enter the first six digits of pi to reset if you forget

Version notes
v1 (05/15/19)
• Initial release

Please let me know of any bugs or requests by leaving a review. Thanks!


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