☁ Cloud Chatroom Host ☁

by Alecontin XD

Version 1 (May 21, 2019)

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[Premium] - Reupload
Host a ☁ Cloud Message ☁ chatroom and chat with all your friends at once!

⚠ If you use ☁ PCM ☁, please update to the latest version ⚠

Check also ☁ CFCH ☁ to host a Non-Premium Cloud Chatroom from a diferent device while chating from your main one using ☁ SCM ☁

With this flow, you can host a Chatroom (or group) and chat with all your friends at once (Works with both ☁ SCM ☁ and ☁ PCM ☁)!

You can also make a public chatroom to post updates or news of your flows, to do that you can set the VALUE of the BLOCK 34 to: "🔇", that way when someone joins he will get muted, then go to your flows and add something like...

Name: ExampleName
Gmail: esamplegmail@gmail.com"

How to join Chatrooms
Using ☁ PCM ☁
- Join
Add a chat with the Chatroom Name and Chatroom Gmail, then send "!join" to that Chatroom

- Leave
Delete the chat or send "!exit"

Using ☁ SCM ☁
- Join
Send "!join" to the Chatroom Gmail

- Leave
Send "!exit" to the Chatroom Gmail

This are the options for BLOCK 34
(Block 34 is the block that gives a permission when someone joins the chatroom)
"📣" - Unmuted/Unbanned
Great for a Friends Chatroom

"🔇" - Muted
Great for news/updates, just remember to click the notification and unmute yourelf

"🚫" - Banned
Use this for really private chats, just unban the people you want to chat with, that way if your friends give away your chatroom to someone, that someone wont be able to see your chat

That's all! Enjoy your chatrooms!

== Update Log ==
- V1
— Flow release (again)

This got reuploaded because it got less attention as expected

☁ CCH ☁
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