📶 WiFi Hotspot Switcher 🆓

by A Ab

Version 2 (May 23, 2019)

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Share your WiFi automatically! 📱➡️💻

Your devices will have internet when you are:
✔️ Working in a coffee shop ☕
✔️ Sitting in a car 🚙
✔️ Or at home 🏠

How it works:
▶️Turns on mobile WiFi hotspot once beacon device (laptop/phone/car) is detected nearby by Bluetooth
⏹️Turns hotspot off, if beacon device doesn't respond and saves battery🔋

ℹ️ Requirements:
- Does not require GPS
- Bluetooth discovery might require additional permission, follow instructions of AutoMate.
- Turn on Bluetooth on your phone and beacon device (laptop, car or another phone)
- 🚩 Set your beacon device Bluetooth name in block #11
- Wait a minute ... done!

PS: This flow has been working well on my phone for months, so I decided to share it with community.

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